Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Daughter's Blogging and Obama-thon

My daughter rocked it in her post at the SWOP Blog. I realized that I've done my best as a parent and there pros and cons to that to my familia. One of the pros is my children's view of the world and their commitment to figure things out.

I'm very proud of this and realize how thankful I am for my children, my extended children, and family. I have great friends as well. I'm fairly healthy and I have a great job. My relationships are improving and I think I'm growing a great deal as a person.

One former friend passed recently. She treated me like crap for the majority of the time she knew me, and my best friend watched and supported it. But I still felt some loss. Realizing that we make mistakes and we don't always fix them. Also realizing that we don't always learn how to ask for what we need from people - often taking the easy road to avoid them. So even though this was someone that I had almost no contact with for 20 years, I still wish her well in her transition to whatever comes next.

Another thing I noticed is that a Swopista asked me to link to them, and I don't think they have ever commented on my blog... Hmmmmm. Oh well. I comment on theirs when I get a chance.

Here's my response to my daughter's post:
Wow, you sound like a freakin socialist!!! I can't believe it.

Way to go!!! I'm so freakin proud!!! :)

The one thing people do not pay attention to when they talk about policy changes like taxes, universal health care, and free higher education is that these changes don't come from liberal political parties. The countries that have these things also have strong Labor Parties and often Socialist Parties are in charge of their government.

And that usually happens because they have Ballot Access laws that allow for democracy and participation. Just think if you could only choose between red and blue cars? We wouldn't settle for that, but we settle for two corporate supported parties. They also have strong Union movements. And again, their laws support that. So a good progressive thing to do would be to fight for democracy - change ballot access, voter registration, and union organizing laws.

Aurea, I'm very proud of you!!!!

# # #
While I don't believe that Democrats will be "the" solution, they are much better than extremist conservatives. So I thought it would be good to hear what Senator Obama has been saying. Some of it is very interesting.

On Racism
On Iraq

* * *
Keep Lefting!!!

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Here's your first SWOPista comment! How cool is your daughter? Too cool. And your thoughts on democracy and public policy are dead on. Thanks for stopping by to comment on the SWOPblogger. And you know there's a link to Cuerpo Aztlan on there :)
Thanks for being there for me the other night. I'm sorry I wasn't strong/brave enough of just didn't pay attention most of the time....many years ago...for that and more I apologize to you my dearest friend.

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