Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18/08 Oh PLEASE!

So one Gov. gets ousted for a scandal, and the new guy breaks out his skeletons early to avoid the same. Then there is the "Love Gov." Of course this all comes out because of this guy.

So obviously these three guys have some problems with monogomy. And actually if you read about Paterson above, you'll see his wife also had "intimate relations" with other men. McGreevey is gay, or bisexual. So?

Is it that we're willing to condem people having difficulty with monogomy and never ask, "does this set up work for EVERYONE?" If people call for priests to be allowed to be married after learning about the problems many of them had, are we going to call for open relationships for elected officials? Maybe we just honestly have to ask ourselves if it makes sense to expect one person to serve all our needs for the rest of our lives....

Then there is the economy.

With all the stuff to look at it gets overwhelming. Let me know what you are most interested in and I'll balance that with whatever catches my ear.

# # #
I'm sore from my workout yesterday and able to walk further. I walked home from work last night, with a small break at the park about half way.



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