Tuesday, March 04, 2008

3/4/08 Tradeoffs y Mas

So how much has the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq cost NM?

1.6 Billion... In case that's hard to imagine for such a poor state -

424,892 People with Health Care (That's 1/3 people in the State) OR

2,487,723 Homes with Renewable Electricity (In a state with less than 2 million people!) OR

30,689 Music and Arts Teachers (Just think how awesome the state would be!) OR

375,995 Scholarships for University Students (I think that's a little more than what the lottery scholarship provides!!!) OR

187 New Elementary Schools (There's not that many in APS so this would probably be enough for the state to have room for full-day kindergarten, and all of the music teachers!) OR

16,225 Affordable Housing Units (That's bigger than many towns in NM) OR

564,325 Children with Health Care (In a highly uninsured state - what a concept!) OR

229,074 Head Start Places for Children (That's a lot of kids getting a good start in life) OR

30,890 Elementary School Teachers!!!

Additional commentary is obviously mine. But just think. Which Democratic candidate would have moved us this way? Dennis would have been the best bet. But he's considered eccentric in the US! Go figure, that a REAL progressive is considered eccentric -probably like Nader too - but corporate backed candidates are what? Smart? Inspiring? Electable? It's a sad commentary on US politics....



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