Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11, 06

Working out was tough this morning. Took me an hour and a half just for the weights. I never got to the cardio.

* * *
My niece is gonna be born today!!! Or at least my sister-in-law is going into labor.

* * *
I'm still feeling pretty good overall. Like my thought below about challenges. I've lived a life worthy of some kick ass challenges and man do I have them!!!

My other niece went back home, didn't end up on the street at all. The older girls are all together with my wife. And the older boys are all together at my sister's.

Gotta go, gonna get some stuff done and figure out about the hospital.

* * *
Noticing that some people have lots of feelings about my tattoo, and the future ones. It ranges from funny to irritating.


Best of luck to your sister-in-law, and congratulations to you!!!
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