Monday, July 17, 2006


Did upperbody today and went walking. Overall very good. I'm still eating too much to lose weight. Gotta get a better handle on that.

I had the incline on the bench to about 15-30% and was up to 140 pounds, so I took the incline up to about 45% and started again. I started at 95, then went up to 100, and 110 pounds. I'll start on my next bench at 115 and go from there.

I'm trying to make sure I don't pop my shoulder again so I'll go up and then go back down a little and come back up. Also changing the angle on the bench will help fill in my chest differently and get my shoulder working different.

* * *
Kids went into the studio this weekend and had a good gig on Sunday. Overall that front is going OK. Not great, but OK.

Relationship stuff is interesting. I'm doing well overall. Gotta work through some stuff, but overall, I'm good.


Keep up the good work, You're doing great....You are "OG"....pv
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