Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Legs a little sore from yesterday. Tomorrow will be a new arm workout and hopefully some cardio.

* * *
The boy got in trouble at my Compadre's so he's gonna stay and work it off. This is good because my Compa is not working right now due to a disability and can stay and get it on it. I don't have that anywhere else right now for the most part. I work and so it won't get done that way at my place.

Man, I hope that this all works out. I'm breaking out from stressing on these kids. And to them its all fun - but I remember my childhood and understand the stress I put on the adults around me. I hope my kids turn out at least as good as I did.


Your kids will be fine, you've given them some strong roots. Just keep them away from the ganja - because the changes all the equations!
Unfortunately that's usually THE problem!!!
Hang in there. I know it's hard. They'll find their way.
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