Monday, July 31, 2006


Another month down!

Did my bench workout and jogged/walked some this morning. But the scale at work says I'm at 177!!!! Dang it! I don't think all of that is muscle, though I wish!

* * *
My tattoo is itching like crazy!!! It's starting to peel some. I hope the color stays better this time. Either way, I'll leave it alone and start focusing on the others. Once this is completely healed, I'll post an image of it.

* * *
The kids and I went to the studio again this weekend. We were able to through another 6 songs. There's still work to do, but the drafts are down on 9 songs. I need to help with some part. Mostly I'll need to see if my Homeboy has time to work on laying down harmony parts for the kids to work from. I'll be trying to get them figured out too, and hopefully we can get close to finished by 8/18 for the next gig. Then we can sell at least a partial CD if not a completed one.

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