Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 06

It's been hard to keep up with 6 days of cardio because of a cold and rainy weather. But it was nice to get out and jog today.

So I'm lifting 4 days, and cardio on 6. Wednesday is my day "off".

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I sent an email to some friends and got good comments from this point - I finally get to quote me!!!

"I can tell that life is great. There's some great challenges in my life, but that's because I've lived a life worthy of great challenges."

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I'm really enjoying my kids. Even though there is still lots of teen drama, it's all worth it. They are going into the studio next Saturday - MiDoJo Studios to be exact. We'll do a full 10 tracks of covers for promotion purposes and work on a CD of originals for next year.

We had a band meeting to decide how we're going about it. They weren't letting me take over the discussion and were really thinking through what they wanted. I was so freakin' proud it's not funny!!!

My bestest friend, aka sister, is also gonna get a band tat. Hers will be a ring instead of an arm band. The other band parents are getting T-shirts!!!! LOL!

I've been helping some people think about their tat ideas and that's been fun.

I'm working on the "official" logo for the band and also creating band oriented tat ideas. For some reason I'm having way too much fun with that!!!

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Attitude Adjustment

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