Friday, July 14, 2006

Big Time Compliment

Workouts are going good. I lifted and ran this morning.

I'm interviewing again for another job today.

* * *
The kids gave me a compliment last night that from their perspective I think is the biggest compliment I could get. The tattoo I'm planning for my right arm is of La Muerte with a heart on the sickle and then the blood transforming to a dove over my shoulder. (Meaning to come later)

Anyway people have complained and said my sketch looks to "heavy metal" - whatever... But I was thinking that the "grim reaper" in the traditional cloak is kinda heavy metal and kinda over used. So I drew up two sketches last night. One with La Muerte in a pendelton and a flip hat with the letters O.G. on it. The other one had La Muerte in a zoot suit. My wife said she didn't like the zoot suit one because I wear a zoot suit for a band I play in. The kids liked both but leaned toward the O.G. one. I said, "I don't think I'm OG enough to have this on my arm." And the kids pretty much all chimed in that I was the most OG guy on the block! Coming from the kids this came from, that's the highest compliment I could wish for.

I'm just gonna ride that as long as I can and go with it. They are willing to tell me I'm fat, and they are willing to pay me that compliment. Gotta love it!

Orale pues!


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