Thursday, July 20, 2006


Did some walking and jogging today. Pretty much gonna scrap my last workout plan. I think it was too much for my current level of health and other activities going on like gigs and stuff.

So, instead of full body twice a week, I'll be doing arms as their own day, and then legs as their own day, and chest/back as its own day. And I'll be trying to maintain 3-6 days of cardio work.

* * *
I'm always amazed at discussions where people tell me I inspire them or am a role-model for them, or a mentor... Trips me out. But I'm realizing that it's true! People look up to me - as short as I am.

I must be alright or something. Kinda cool to accept, but trippy still.

* * *
OK, I'm gonna get the tat touched up tomorrow. There's one other person with one of my designs permanently on their body, and the kids are all wanting me to design with them tats based on the band logo. Four sisters are all thinking of getting matching tattoos that I've drawn up, and a worker in an office close by said, she liked my creativity and would come to me for a concept on her next piece. That's fun! It's making me use my drawing skills which is cool. I used to draw a lot. My son is an excellent artist. My wife likes to draw also.

Anyway, obviously life is a lot of fun right now!


you are ALWAYS inspiring me. I went to the gym today!! :)
Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!

I'm glad you made it to the gym. And I'm glad I'm helping you with those goals.

Thanks for the words...
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