Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Continuing on the High Intensity Training.

We, my daughter and I, are doing both a weigh lifting version and a wind sprint version. I skipped out on yesterday, just too tired. That will be a challenge.

The purpose of that is that "HIT" helps with insulin resistance. I recently read an article that visceral fat (the fat on the inside around your organs) is more dangerous than fat just under our skin. The remedies I've seen for this are mostly based around LOTS of walking. I've been increasing my walking as my chronic pain seems more manageable. 

If you don't know I've struggled with chronic pain for the last 6 years after walking to work for the previous 10 years. Sigh! So recently I've done my first sprints in years!!!

Also - October is Health Literacy Month and one thing I came to focus on accidentally is hugging as a health activity. It seems to have taken off on my Facebook page.


Here is an article and here is a video. KEEP LIFTING!!!!

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