Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/17/12 part 2

Got my second "HIT" workout in with my daughter. I did 4 sets today. Hope it helps. We will work on a "wind sprint" version if we can later this week. My goal will be to get in 1-2 weight HIT workouts and 1-2 "wind sprint" versions in a week for 1-4 workouts. 

The last few days have been hard on me emotionally and energy-wise. I learned a bit about "adrenal fatigue" and also "oppression illness." It has been hard talking with White folks about that for a lot of reasons. Hope it gets better yet that seems unlikely. 
On a positive note it was great to get a comment. 

It read: I am reading all posts but mostly just lurking but I felt it necessary to say, please keep writing it helps me...and maybe others too...even if we don't say anything.

This blog seemed like I was writing to myself though people have walked up to me to tell me they read it. My daughter and I are clear about this not being about losing weight but to improve health. 

Comments are appreciated. I'm hoping that I get more. 

And since it is election season

Keep Lefting and Keep Lifting!!!

hard to be well adjusted to a sick society, so i hear you on adrenal fatigue and oppression illness.

great blog! excited about your health journey with your daughter.

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