Sunday, October 14, 2012


Did three sets of this workout with my daughter and a neighbor at our neighborhood school - Emerson Elementary. My wife decided to take my grandson and puppy to the playground and walk around during the same time. 

Getting everyone together and figuring out took a bit of time. Starting light is good and I will try to stick this out until my next check up in February. My goal with this is not so much about getting "buff" or even losing weight. This is following some research that points out that this type of workout is about insulin resistance and other benefits mentioned in previous posts.

I might get sore - if I'm up for it I will try something more aerobic tomorrow. Goal is to do this at least twice a week.

Check it out and KEEP LIFTING!

I am reading all posts but mostly just lurking but I felt it necessary to say, please keep writing it helps me...and maybe others too...even if we don't say anything.

I appreciate the comments. I'm checking out your blog and it looks pretty cool!
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