Thursday, January 17, 2008


Getting in good workouts this week. Been on the treadmill twice and lifted twice.

I'm going to get some blood work done this morning and then get some appointments set up for my family.

I picked up the voter information for Raza Unida voters in Bernalillo County. Not bad, it's giving me a good idea of what to work on this year. One would be doubling the number of registered Raza Unida voters in the county. The second would be to look at where we can get into the discourse. It is clear that there are progressive Democrats and they are definitely better than the most "center" Republicans. But there is a strong need for the conversation to go beyond the box as its defined right now.

My ideas? Support Unions! Support progressive political parties and organizations. Register, vote, and get involved in anything you have energy to be involved with. Encourage those around you get involved. The solution to many of our problems right now is more democracy! Seeing the rich being the only ones to make decisions for everyone is disgusting. Technically that's called an oligarchy. Given the family dynasties running the country we need to say "Ya Basta!"

Remember, stolen votes - by disenrolling tons of African Americans in Florida gave us this President. It is time to step up and move this country toward the common welfare. Our civic wellbeing is at stake, and it has always been lots of good regular people working to make things right that improves the situation.

Here's a good link from Machi for MLK's Birthday...


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