Thursday, January 03, 2008


So much to be greatful for. Of course my family - my wife and children are awesome. And yes, we have some difficulties and challenges, but who doesn't? They are great people and I am lucky to have them in my life.

My sisters are good to me for the most part. They blow me off and do dumb crap sometimes, but if I need help they are there - well most of them anyway! My brothers are a little different. I'm generally not that tight with guys.

My co-workers rock. The management part of my job is the least favorite. Especially when people aren't interested in doing what's needed. But learning this part well will definitely help me out long-run.

My best friends. V, MG, R, MR, and maybe even GA (though I'm not sure she knows she's that good of a friend). Definitely been a big help.

SMACKING, RJ, GA, SG, SR all listen to me about the stuff I don't want to post on this blog! And on a semi-regular basis. MRe, VLaC, CA and others do less often.

Dr. Z and RJ listen to me talk about politics and figure things out. MM listens to me while I figure out how I want to communicate stuff and supports me no matter what.

MB chats with me online and isn't freaked out by me... But she does freak out randomly sometimes! LOL

Rudyboy let's me jam every Thursday! And Mary Helen was serving me - until I decided to quit drinking for awhile.

Of course the band for giving me space to figure out my musical self to some degree.

There's so much more. I'll start working out again by getting on the treadmill today. I'll start lifting next week again.

I watched "The High Cost of Low Price" last night. And realized that there is so much to do. I think the main things are eliminating corporate welfare, and providing everyone with a family friendly living wage. Of course the US as a world leader SHOULD promote these things globally as much as it promotes everything else. In the special features there is Wal-Mart that closes in Canada because the workers were able to get a union.

After watching the movie the reasons I would encouraging boycotting Wally World are:
Institutional Sexism
Institutional Racism
Corporate Welfare
Anti-Small Company

Basically, they are against the ideals of fairness, community, and paying people for their work.

Politically I don't see how the US economy can maintain this beast. Living wages would help. A government with some scruples to actually help people instead of corporations would be nice also!

An interesting short video... It was good to watch because I'm trying to engage people to develop vision through La Raza Unida. But definitely pessimism and pragmatism are getting in the way - that and some unrecognized privilege. It takes privilege to say "I can't make a better world for OUR children because I'm taking care of MY children" - I know people don't like me to say that, but what the hell - it's my blog. There are times when single people need to step up; there are organizations that need to be more family, child, and youth friendly; and there are people who need to quit using their kids as excuses.

The short video here...Power of vision....

Siguenle Pa' 'delante!!!


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