Wednesday, January 23, 2008

935 Lies


I hate when this thing eats my posts!!!!

OK, so we were told at least
935 lies about Iraq. That's JUST IRAQ!!!!! Imagine what else we've been lied about and how often!

So BILLIONS of dollars that could have been invested in our children, our environment, and our economy. I haven't heard anything brilliant from our big party guys, not even John Edwards.

What if.... we raised the minimum wage so average working folks could afford food, heat, gas, and their mortgage?! What if we created more jobs to reduce unemployment? Or even better, what if CEOs who make 300 times what the average employee makes, only made 50 times that, and that other 250 created new jobs. These would be people who actually spend their money and not hoard it, so likely they would create the new jobs that the CEO's lifestyle sucks dry.

Or what if instead of giving
Halliburton millions, we put regular people in the US to work here?

This would help the environment much more long term. People would buy, creating more jobs. People would be able to invest in their kids, pay mortgages, heat, and sometimes gas! But that would also require that we cut the tax rip-offs from the rich. They get the most benefits from our tax dollars. They get the most use out of the roads, the internet, the police, and other benefits. Why should they pay less?

Oh, and my leg workout kicked ass!



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