Monday, January 28, 2008



My whole post disappeared!!! I hate that crap. I'm on a wireless that craps out a few times a day. This was one of those.

OK, I did get to workout on Saturday. Leg day is tearing up my hip and back. The plan to deal with that is to focus more on leg extensions and leg curls. No cardio this week and move leg day to Friday so I'm not walking around like I got jumped last night all week long! I should still be able to make progress. When I do squat and deadlift, I'll need to go lighter. I'll also have to figure out releasing this hip muscle!!!

# # #

I've been checking out the housing crash. Looks like the US is screwed economically for awhile. This is going to be a long slow scenic trip to hell in the handbasket! And somehow $600 will make it all better! LMAO

There was a new story about how Wally world, Targit and Dollar Yeneral will get the majority of that money. There will probably be a great deal of advertising to make sure that happens. What if instead we put most of that into paying off our debts! Then we take the rest and buy seeds for gardens. Imagine if the government money actually helped people out of debt and helped them have inexpensive healthy food!

That would throw these guys. The only thing they can think of is to give us a quick handout and encourage us to shop. But what if we keep taking the handouts and redirect it to something useful!!! Paying debt and healthy food. I'm sure there's other ideas, but after losing the first post that's where I'm at for now.



Great article on the Meat-Guzzler:

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