Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sept. 7th, 2006

Things are going OK. The goodbyes and farewell lunch thing is a trip. I'm not good at letting people treat me this nice for this long. It's good though. I'm also starting to clean out my office. Mostly just getting rid of stuff I thought I would use some day.

* * *
We're getting ready to play at the NM State Fair. The CD is coming along well. Overall things are good.

* * *
I'm really getting into the bike - Becky, thanks for asking! I'm riding 30 minutes a day. But I'm starting to think the thing with my leg isn't necessarily the impact from being fat. There's probably a pinched nerve or something somewhere. I'll talk to a doc about it tonight and see my chiro next week.

Things are great!!!!

KEEP LIFTING and stuff...

Hey congrats on getting the bike. I remember reading that you wanted to get one. Also congrats on the new job!! WooHooOOoOO!!

I'll be sure to check out your song on myspace this weekend.

Have a good one!
You are not fat mijo! De que tu hablas????????

It definitely has to be a pinched nerve, be careful because those are so painful!

I need to buy a copy of that CD :)

besitos y abrazos Carino!!

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