Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sept. 14, 06

LAST DAY AT THE OFFICE!!!! I start my new job on the 29th.

Just tons of cleaning and trying to remember stuff that I need to tell my supervisor. It'll be a good change though. I just have to go through a couple of piles again and decide what I REALLY need to take with me. My living room is a disaster because of the extra stuff from my office.

* * *
I woke up late today so no bike yet. I'll have to catch it after work. But I was down to 180 today!

* * *
I'm planning to go to Sonny's Famous Jam tonight, and Kelly's tomorrow. I also go and get info on a vasectomy in the morning. Then off to the chiro.


Okay, I'm SO FAR BEHIND on your life. I've been a bad friend, and I'm sorry. Send me some e-mail and let me know about the new job. Mine's going fabulously! LOVE IT.
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