Thursday, November 01, 2018

Last week of October 2018

So I lifted two days this week. Usually I'll be lifting 3 days.

Tuesday I lifted
Squat set 1, 5x135, set 2-5 5x175
Bench set 1, 5x135, set 2-5 5x150
Deadlifts set 1, 5x135, set 2-5 5x190

Thursday I lifted
Squat set 1, 5x135, set 2-4 5x175, and final set was 6 reps of 175
Bench set 1, 5x135, set 2-4 5x150, final set of 6 reps for 150
Deadlifts set 1, 5x135, set 2-4 5x190, and set 5 for a set of 6

I was going to stick to 4 sets, however this felt easy enough for 5 sets. I'll see how I feel next week. 

I weighed in at 153.0 today which surprised me. We are going to a family event over the weekend so we will see how it goes. I'll be trying to get into the 148lb category for December 1


This blog started years ago to talk about self-care and weightlifting. It stopped for a few years. It was restarted when I was told that I was diabetic. I had an A1C of 9.3. A1C is an estimate of your blood sugar level over the last 3 months and 6.5 is pre-diabetic, and usually over 7 is considered diabetic. In March I was re-tested and my A1C was 5.0. That's below pre-diabetic (so, essentially non-diabetic). It was nice to have my doctor say, "you used to be diabetic." I'm still working on improving my insulin sensitivity and not thinking I'm out of the woods yet. My September 2017 retest came back with and A1C of 4.9.  March 2018 test came back with 5.2 A1C. My September 2018 test came back with 5.1 A1C. 

Weight wasn't my goal though it changed with everything. I started at 195 and after three months I was at 155. My lowest since this has been 142 and I've gotten back up to 165 and weight is changing again.

The results were from diet and exercise. Here is a quick summary of how I responded to being diagnosed as diabetic. I'm going to post this review every so often. Mostly when I post the blog to Twitter or Facebook.

My lifting approach was to gain muscle to help with insulin sensitivity so I focused on compound exercises mostly (deadlift, bench, squat, overhead press) with some other things to round out such as pull-ups and bicep curls. I'm currently doing a 3 way split.
Between now and the end of November I will be focusing on Strength. I went up to 5 "sprints" for cardio. I'm listing my goals in my general PRs page

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