Sunday, April 29, 2018

PRs and Goals

I'm going to list some goals and PRs (personal records) here and try to link back when needed.

Health Goals: (Primary reason for this blog!) 
Keep A1C below 5.5, best would be to get a 4.6.
Keep weight below 155, best would be 147 lbs. 
Keep blood pressure close to 120/80. 

Lifting Goals

General Goals
"Level 1" (Using 148 body weight approximation)
Incline Bench 165x5
Shoulder Press 105x5
Curls 80x5
Chin-ups with 45lbsx5

I might not ever get past this goal, if I do I'll go for the following arbitrary goals. 

"Level 2" 
Incline Bench 185
Shoulder Press 125
Curls 95
Chin-ups with 75lbs

"Level 3" 
Incline Bench 205
Shoulder Press 150
Curls 100
Chin-ups with 105lbs

Meet Goals
102.5 kilos on the squat, 92.5 kilos on the bench, and 130 kilos on the deadlift.

Lifting PRs

Gym PRs
Squat 235, Bench 220, and Deadlift 285 at 152 pounds. 

Meet PRs
Squat 87.5 kilos (193lbs), Bench 75 kilos (165lbs), and Deadlift 120 kilos (265lbs) at 145.6 pounds

Workout PRs

Sets of 3

Deadlift 255

Squat 210
Bench Press 185
Incline Bench 
Overhead Press
Pull-Ups (amount of weight added) 5lbs

Sets of 5
Deadlift 220
Squat 180
Bench Press 170
Incline Bench 135
Overhead Press 30lb dumbbells
Curls 20lb dumbbells
Pull-Ups; haven't reached 5 reps in the recent attempts

Weight and BF
I used this calculator again and it says I'm at 19% body fat this round. So I'm probably somewhere between 19-21%. (Goal is to stay at my current weight and gain muscle. Definitely a challenge!)

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