Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well it is Easter and while I didn't get all 40 days for jazz drill practice in I did do most. And I think it is helping. For post lent I will work on one jazz song a week and Esteban Jordan tunes.

For jazz I think I'll start with C Jam Blues, and for the Esteban Jordan songs I'll work on pieces of Le Seguiremos, Adios Amor, Cumbia Con Salsa, La Mucura and Coronelas. I'll review and tighten up parts I know and then next week start working on parts I don't have down. And any extra time will go to continue the jazz drills. I'm also figuring out how I would create a similar system for Chicano/conjunto acordeon study.

That's the long-term goal - to work on something I don't know every week.

For those who like to know I have been working on scale and chord patterns along with different pre-recorded rhythm sections. Nothing complicated, just something I wasn't taught earlier. So I follow along with the recording and either play the chord, or a scale that fits the chord for the cycle of fifths on the dominant 7th, ii-V-I cadences, extended chords, or song changes.

The jazz songs for the next few months will be C Jam Blues, Now's The Time, Killer Joe, Blue Bossa, Footprints, Song for My Father, Autumn Leaves, Freddie Freeloader, St. Thomas, and Blue Train. I'll figure out the order as I go. There is a jazz "play along" that has the heads and one round of sample solo. I figure learning that will continue to help me hear the changes and have some of the song in my fingers.

Health wise, I'm getting better. Having to deal with some financial stuff and the health at the same times sucks but that's just what has to be dealt with. I'm walking more and moving better. And next week I'll be "Walking to Cure Capitalism"! (I figure that's healthy!)


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