Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 30, 2010

Well, work is nice and hectic. And it is hard to make school academics match up with work realities all of the time, but at least I can spend time with super smart people!

Over the weekend I learned how to use Audacity to do a voice over for a school presentation. But I did it with music! Learned a good chunk and could probably become a podcaster now if I wanted to. Maybe once a month do a short rant or review of a song or something. We'll see.

More importantly I've started to do some jumping jacks and walking more. I haven't started with the weights. Mostly just scheduling - familia, homework, organizing, and playing music. Lots of challenging stuff.

I did figure out that if I do want to learn more about Esteban Jordan's music I'll have to start from the bottom and work my way up. Since I only review songs for the bands and don't go into them super deep - hope they aren't upset. I keep trying to improve, but much of the music doesn't drive me.

So back to EJ... if I REALLY want to understand it and get a grasp I'll have to be super slow. I'll start with the lyrics of a song. After that go to the intro and work out the bass as close as I can. Then go back to the beginning of the intro and work it out on the guitar. THEN go back and work out the acordeón. I know I'll work on the acordeón all along, but seeing how the harmony works along with the interesting rhythm changes will help it all make more sense and also allow me to arrange and compose with a different feel.

Wish me luck!


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