Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happiness Makeover

I originally thought about complaining about my project partner who is upset that I don't have a cell phone so she can call me. It's a freakin online program! I send her an email and wait 3 days for a response, but she wants to lecture me about a cell phone... Of course there's more, but anyway.... I saw an article and did a little follow up below that will hopefully set me on a more constructive course.

As much as I appreciate the following advice I have to say it seems funny when someone calls themselves a "thought leader." Maybe that's a good goal. MJ Ryan has this advice to improve your happiness:

Ask yourself three questions at the end of the day, What am I thankful for today? What did I enjoy today? And what am I satisfied about today? And you can't say 'nothing.' You have to come up with something.

I wonder if she would admit that the following piece of news has any impact. The US Census is finding that the gap between the rich and the poor is at its widest. What doesn't get mentioned enough in this is that it also means that the "steps" between each level are also likely wider. So if you imagine a ladder - once the rungs between levels were closer together. Now those are wider apart. It's not just the "poor" losing out, its all of us!



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