Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prayers for Esteban Jordan

Today has been very hectic, lots of meetings and all of that. Really good stuff and real bummers.

The busy, well that's usual. I passed my Research Methods class, but with a lower grade than I hoped. I guess I should have pushed harder for make up work. Oh, well. Not that bad, but not fun.

The hardest part is probably that I happened to do an uncommon log in to MySpace and found out that Esteban Jordan is ill. This is an obvious drag for me.

This last week I started speaking David who plays accordion for FYLG and he wants to put together an Accordion Fest. One day in Santa and one day in Burque. He wants to do Scalos or something "classy" - I'm hoping for something more working-class, but he's organizing.

So he wants to showcase someone in each genre. I promoted Miguelito for mariachi and Jimmy Baca or John Mancha for conjunto. He wanted me to play too. So I was trying to think of what songs to do. I figured if I had three songs I would do Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, and Esteban Jordan.

Last night I was driving home from rehearsal with Mezcla Latina. I was listening to a greatest hits collection of Los Relampagos. And I was thinking to myself, "he said 3-5 songs, so there are tons of great songs to do." I was thinking I could do one of two things - work on 5 Esteban Jordan songs, or one song from different Chicano/Mexicano acordeon styles. So I made a CD to listen to and go over. Most of the songs were Esteban Jordan. So I was leaning that way.

Just funny how coincidence works that way.

The best part of the day was delivering a presentation on Health Equity. My professor is out sick and missed it, my two bosses didn't show up. A couple of Chicano elected officials, or their reps missed it, but the turnout was perfect. Had a good response and discussion. I think it will really help me in my future work.


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