Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Right Freakin' On! 5/11/10

don't forget the issue of birthright citizenship. There are few countries in the world that adhere to this policy and most (if not all) are in the Western Hemisphere. I would have liked to see a reference or two in the first page, but, overall, your work read so well, I did not make any comments in the paper. It is evident that you worked very hard on this! Congratulations on a job well done.

That is the comment on my final paper from my Health System Management and Design professor. Overall my grade in that class was an A-! My paper was on medical service delivery to immigrant communities. A 96 - pretty damn good! Funny, I just realized that school and work are the places I feel I can brag on myself. Interesting...

It also looks like I passed my Epidemiology class as well. So a good job and I'll chill for a few days on the heavy reading.

Next step is working on an independent study so I can digest a huge amount of World Health Organization (WHO). I like getting input and feedback and I also like to follow my own rabbit holes. This independent study should help me strengthen my foundation for this area.


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A- ! not bad, brag on!
(I would have given it an A at least)

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