Monday, May 10, 2010


Things are pretty good. The whole familia is involved taking care of Chuyito - at least the immediate family. He's doing great.

We had a neighborhood association meeting and had some conflict around "affordable" housing, density, and services. There are a couple of people who say that services are the cause of any problems we have. One neighbor was good at pointing out we need to stay focused on the positive and what we want to keep. And she said she wanted to keep the diverse people that make up her neighborhood! I was very pleased.

She later sent me a link to a Latino USA story on the Chavez Ravine and I like the pictures.

I was flattered this past week. I was nominated and awarded a Public Health Advocate Award by the NM Public Health Association. And the group I facilitate - the Southeast Heights Health Coalition also received the same award as an organization. Very nice.



Love the pictures and the song. I used to play and dance to that one - remind me what its called?

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