Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Well I accidentally started a good conversation about health care on Facebook. The funny part is that the quote was about health. We are so stuck on medical services that we can't go to far from that collectively.

I think it will take a great deal of work to get a critical mass of people to move from health being equal to medical services (which is really treating you after already sick). At some point we'll be able to discuss health in and of itself. The same thing happens with crime. You talk about reducing crime, or violence, and people start talking about cops. That's like saying that chemotherapy prevents cancer...

Oh well, gotta keep trying. Speaking of "medical services" the acupuncture is helping out a great deal. It is more intensive than getting some pain killers but still good. And it comes out to be near as expensive as specialist co-pays. But I'll be talking with some folks soon about a community acupuncture clinic.

The best and funniest part is that I was released to lift weights - 10 pounds max! The woman acupuncturist told the male "I can lift ten pounds!" He stuck to his guns and I'll cooperate. It will be nice to lift at all.

Just waiting for my code for the EPC gym.


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