Sunday, October 01, 2017

Prepping for New Routine

I'm guessing that my weight is still 150 lbs and height 5' 2". With a 36" waist and 16" neck that gives me 22% bodyfat and 33 lbs of fat mass and 117 for lean mass.

My arbitrary goal is to get below 20% before Thanksgiving. My adjusted FFMI is still 20.1, the arbitrary goal is 21.

I'm going to do full-body workouts for the next 5 months. 4 sets of 5 with last one being 5+ (as many reps as I can get). My goal will be to go up 5 pounds a week. Working out with the same weight and reps 3 times a week will help that be easy at the beginning and I'll hit plateaus at different times with different lifts.

I'll do Incline Bench, Pull-ups, Overhead Press, Curls, Deadlifts, and Squats. My deads and squats are going really low, I'm keeping them in for maintenance more than anything else.

It's nice having an in person and online conversation with a friend on all of this. If he lets me I'll link his BodySpace here. I don't have one just because I have too many social media outlets I interact with. (At least for now)

Long-term I may enter a powerlifting meet and bodybuilding meet (in a few years) for a "bucket list" type of thing.

Here's a serious senior powerlifter!

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