Sunday, October 15, 2017


One of my friends shared a really cool quote about what we doing being more than just a goal. It was about what's the dream, the vision, behind the goal. His was a flat stomach and I think it's cool he's willing to own that. I definitely want to live a long time, knowing there are lots of things that can take you out at any time, because I want to see my great-grandchildren grow up. I also want to be able to move around as long as possible. Having developed back issues 10 years ago and having limited mobility for a good period of time I really appreciate being able to move.

I also want to be strong as hell. So the powerlifting part is important. To be honest to have one picture with a "six pack" would be cool too. Not sure this is as strong as the others.

Beating diabetes is a big part of this. With my A1C (a measure of sugar in the blood system over 3 months) going from 9.3 (very diabetic) to 5.0 ("normal") then down to 4.9 (better) I feel like I'm in a good place. One goal is to see if I can get 4.5. I think it's doable without meds and I know if I hit that I might lose my  motivation (good to know myself this way). Having weightlifting goals will help keep me moving. Before my back issues started I had a goal of benching 250, I got to 245. So, it's a goal again.

Keep dreaming, keep your vision alive, stay motivated and healthy!

One more week before deload so the goals for next week are:

Incline Bench Press for 110 pounds
Assisted Pull-Ups with -40 pounds
Overhead Press with 45 pound bar
Curls with 45 pound bar
Deadlifts for 170 pounds
Squats for 140 pounds
For those who are new I'm doing sets of 5, 5, 5, and 5+. On the last set if I can get more than 5 I go for it.

And MWF High Intensity Interval Training on bike with resistance on 20 for the sprints.

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