Tuesday, October 10, 2017


It is World Mental Health Day. The rest of my workouts this week will be dedicated to people struggling with bipolar, depression, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, and other issues.

Still wondering what happened with my friend. We hadn't talked much the last few months. Guess her health issues just reduced communication. My health progress has also made me a little less communicative with people. Makes me think of my Tia who passed a week after my 5.0 A1C reading. I had chosen to keep quiet about my progress until I had that test done. Don't know if this helps or would help anyone else. I have friends who have started intermittent fasting, or started going to the gym because of my progress. Or at least it has inspired and encouraged some. I know I caught my friend Judy's attention but don't know if I'll ever know exactly what she was interested in.

Here's what I lifted today:

Incline Bench Press - 105 pounds, 3 sets of 5, one set of 10.

Assisted Pull-Ups with -45 pounds, 4 sets of 5.

Overhead Press with 20 pound dumbbells, 5 sets of 5.

Curls with 20 pound dumbbells, 5 sets of 5.

Deadlifts for 165pounds, 4 sets of 5.

Squats for 135 pounds, 4 sets of 5.

So Thursday my attempt will be:

Incline Bench Press - 105 pounds
Assisted Pull-Ups with -45 pounds
Overhead Press with 20 pound dumbbells
Curls with 20 pound dumbbells
Deadlifts for 165 pounds
Squats for 135 pounds

All will be on the 5, 5, 5, 5+ scheme so I'll see what I can get to then. 

ABOUT THE BLOG: This blog started years ago to talk about self-care and weightlifting. It stopped for a few years. It was been restarted when I was told that I was diabetic. I had an A1C of 9.3. A1C is an estimate of your blood sugar level over the last 3 months and 6.5 is pre-diabetic, and usually over 7 is considered diabetic. In March I was re-tested and my A1C was 5.0! That's below pre-diabetic (so, essentially non-diabetic). It was nice to have my doctor say, "you used to be diabetic." I'm still working on improving my insulin sensitivity and not thinking I'm out of the woods yet. My September retest came back with and A1C of 4.9. It is exciting

The results were from diet and exercise. Here is a quick summary of how I responded to being diagnosed as diabetic. I'm going to post this review every so often. Mostly when I post the blog to Twitter or Facebook.

My lifting approach was to gain muscle to help with insulin sensitivity so I focused on compound exercises mostly (deadlift, bench, squat, overhead press) with some other things to round out lat pulldowns, rows, and side lateral raises. I'm currently still doing full body for some muscle development and more focused on strength for a few months. That's why I'm doing 4 sets of 5 instead of 3 sets of 8 or more. 

* * *

Thanks to people who read this and tell me they are inspired or appreciate what I share. That also helps to keep me going.

I've been thinking of "bucket lists" and whether they should be public. One thing I think of possibly doing is to enter a powerlifting competition at some point. There are other things I might go for yet not ready to make public. 

Don't think so much, Enrico Suave. People die. It's very sad but it's part of life. Your blog does help people a lot from humor, to info about diabetes, to inspiration. The thing about life is it's important to enjoy every moment and every day. It's easy to say, harder to do especially when dealing with morons at work in a pointless job, a nagging wife, and the general decline of society. My advice is go for it. Life is too damn short. It could end tomorrow or it might last another 75 years. This isn't in vato loco language, but Après nous le déluge! Today I might work out or I might sit on my couch an eat pizza while drinking wine. But I'm going to enjoy it. I might have a pleasant happy day at home with my wife, or I might go out and power bang one of my coworkers (female only) who I've been getting closer to. But I'm going to enjoy it. If you're a homo, go for as many swinging things as you like. It's your life but enjoy it. I know you have to not hurt others, think of the long-term consequences of what you do, etc, etc, etc. But at the end of your life you will regret more the things you didn't do rather than the things you did. So go for it baby!!! Life is very simple, and yet it's also so difficult in that all we have to do, is decide what to do with the time we are given. Work out? Get drunk? Spend happy time with my wife today? Go bang my hot coworker who just texted me asking "what's up?" I'm going to try to do it all and I'm going to enjoy it!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!
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