Monday, March 27, 2017

Going light 3/27/17

Going to go "light" for this and next week.

Leg Press 210
Abs machine 140
Back Extension 140
Lat Pulldown 115
Chest Press 130, 150, 170 (ok, not exactly light)
Rows 120
Overhead Press 50 pounds and if it feels ok up to 55.

Went on a short road trip vacation over the weekend. I'm guessing that my sense of stress with the workouts has to do with lack of sleep. Not enough sleep to recover from heavier workouts.

# #
Post workout, I weigh 152.2, up about 2.5-3 pounds since Friday. Went on a family road trip this weekend and had more carbs than I've had all year!

Blood sugar is 93 fasting until lunch. I did eat a late dinner and lots of carbs over the weekend. I'll keep an eye on that obviously.

Blood pressure is 137/81 with a 61 pulse. Pulse is great. The rest needs some work. Also ate out more than usual (like a LOT!) so as I go I'll see if that comes back down. Also, decided to take next week off.

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