Friday, March 03, 2017

Day After Follow-Up

So I went ahead and shared my results on FB. Mostly positive responses. A little negativity about "the first 3 months is the easiest, it's like relapsing from substance abuse," and "people aren't going to do what you did," etc.

Sharing what I've learned will be a challenge.

I feel a responsibility as a public health worker to share. So feel free to give suggestions and ideas in the comments area below.

Now I'm going to figure out what maintenance mode is and move my self-determination energy can do for other parts of my life like my house and more. Also have to fix the "L" on this keyboard!

I would say the first 3 months to first year after being diagnosed with diabetes is the hardest. Particularly challenging is the hunger. It's not just ordinary hungry, but intense ravenous hunger that you may experience as your body is not satisfied by the fewer carbs and has difficulty processing the carbs you can you do eat. You might experience eating lots of low carb foods and feeling full. But it's a bloated, unsatisfying full as the carb craving still exists. I recommend exercising like a maniac, both weight lifting and cardio. Food wise it's hard. When I was diagnosed I just wanted to eat and eat and eat. You do need carbs, it just really challenging to manage. It's hard to resist a basic and intense craving and hunger or simply ignore it. That's my experience, anyway. An A1c below 6 is good, but yours is excellent. But it's going to take an intense life commitment to stay off the diabtese drugs whihc I think only accelerate the disease. Good luck. It's going to be a challenge everyday for the rest of your life, but you are already starting out good.
Thanks! On month 4 now and I'm still doing OK. I can relate to a lot of what you said.

I exercise hard yet not a lot. For me intensity is working better than volume. As for the hunger I used to fast a lot and sometimes up to 10 days. So I know I can manage hunger. Went on a road trip this weekend and binged a little bit and feel OK going back to better habits today. I'll see if it impacts my week.
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