Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Big Day Tomorrow!

I get results tomorrow. Did my A1C test today. I had asked the doc for a rundown on triglycerides, cholesterol, and HDL/LDL as well. She somehow ended up ordering that late today so I go in tomorrow and take another blood test.

I'm losing weight at a much slower rate which makes sense. I'm not fasting at all this week, and I'm starting to lift heavier. My weight is stable around 153 pounds. Blood pressure has been slightly above the 120/80 mark and fasting blood sugars have been 73 yesterday and 90 today.

There is definitely less urgency about it in my household as more sugar is starting to come into the house. That's a bummer. I have a friend who also has diabetes and when I gave him the rundown on my numbers and his response was, "oh you obviously have pre-diabetes and not diabetes." 9.3 is pretty diabetic.

Hopefully I can keep this up.

I've also been thinking a lot about using this sense of self-determination on my physical space as much as on my personal body.

Sweet dreams everyone!

Oh, and for lent I'm not giving up anything I'm going to try and add some music time, and some craft time, and a little bit of clearing stuff out each day.

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