Thursday, March 02, 2017

Beyond My Expectations!

OK so at the end of November I had an A1C of 9.3. I looked up lots of research and figured that I could probably bring my A1C down 2.4 points. That would have dropped me to 6.9 and I would have been OK with that.

Well it turns out that my A1C is 5.0! I am amazed and happily surprised. My triglycerides were improved, my HDL and LDL were better, and my cholesterol went from over 200 to under 60.

Now to figure out what to do to stay healthy long-term. I did all of this without medications.

It is suggested that I don't need to test daily. And insurance isn't excited about paying for test strips. I will see if I can get them refilled for cheap and test at least weekly.

We had a nice celebration and a few close friends and family were there. Many people couldn't make it and that's OK. People have been in my corner and I appreciate that.

Time to get some sleep and continue this journey tomorrow.

As always, please post a comment as for some reason it shows that there are zero views on this blog, even when I get comments from some of you in person.

Enrique, huge congratulations to you! What a journey you have undertaken, and what an inspiration to the rest of us! I'm motivated to work more consistently on my own health. You have brought so much persistence, consistency, and determination to this journey. I'm also very excited to read your blog, and want to revive my blogs. I'm a total blog nerd. :> -Anjali
Thanks so much! I have some friends who are critical about being "too public." I think if it helps to inspire others it is worth it!

Hopefully I can figure out how to better share my learnings with those who wish to accomplish similar goals.
Good job man!!!!
Thanks Dennis!
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