Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3/22 Update

In the 149 pound range this week it seems. Blood pressure is still in the 130s/80-90s range. My fasting glucose was 97 which is high normal. Waist is still 36 inches which seems good.

Doing HIIT on 13 resistance on the exercise bike. Feels horrible, like I was barely moving, yet I was breathing hard enough to have a hard time talking which is the goal. Lifting also feels bad this week. I'm going to calculate a drop back in case I still am not feeling the workout on Friday. Then I'll switch things to a lighter weight and re-increase until the end of June.

Also doing some de-cluttering and that's tiring in it's own way. Goal is to switch in July from de-cluttering and clearing things out to fixing things up!

Here's what I'm lifting this week.

Leg Press 210x10, 225x10, and 230x10. The rest followed the same pattern of sets of 10.
Abs machine 140, 155, 160 - felt hard without a muscle "burn"
Back Extension 140, 155, 160
Lat Pulldown 115, 130, 135
Chest Press 120, 135, 155
Rows 120, 135, 140
Overhead Press 3 sets of 12 with 50 pounds since there is some shoulder discomfort.

Fighting to keep the motivation going!

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