Saturday, January 07, 2017

Thinking about fasting

I'm up early and the gym doesn't open until 8 am. That's the downside to the YMCA. Being around elders and also not having a bunch of resolution people is good.

So I've been thinking about fasting. I haven't decided to purchase Jason Fung's book on it yet. A friend sent me a link to an inconclusive study. I followed the link and then came across this article on intermittent fasting and weight lifting.

I'll check in later today or early tomorrow on numbers.

I'm going to try alternate day fasting this week and see how I do. The intermittent fasting seems to be helpful so far. I'm going to keep that up. Here's a straight forward, and working class friendly video on timing of eating.

I think everyone has their own road to health so I'm just sharing ideas, or things that are working for me. If something works for you and makes me worse, I'll support you. If something I'm trying doesn't work for you I won't get hurt each body responds differently to different things.

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