Saturday, January 21, 2017

Nobel Prize and Fasting

I used to fast at least once a year for 10 days before new year. And on occasion during semana santa (mostly because no one would question that like when I would fast from Dec. 21-31). Had lots of people freak out and tell me what harm I was doing to myself. Then there were countless articles on how fasting was bad for metabolism. I finally gave up the practice. New research shows that I may have been better off continuing that practice.

Regardless I'm back on a different approach to fasting now and it seems to be working well.

Autophagy and Fasting

Wow. Have you thought more about how your body will react to the combination of weight lifting and fasting? I just assume it would be rough, but I really don't know. If it is, maybe you're thinking about fasting on days off from the gym?
Right now I start my fast on dinner before lifting day and then fast until dinner the night I lifted. It's not too bad.
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