Monday, January 02, 2017

First Success of the Year!

Blood sugar was 87 today! Yesterday I had salad and some nuts around noon. Not a full fast yet a decent experiment. I think as close as I can get to the 16/8 intermittent fasting may be what works for me. Might also have one full fast day a week.

Read a depressing blog post from someone else. Still know that I can't let those things get me down.

Made it to the gym this morning, later than usual and the person at the desk noticed. He also said that there weren't that many new people. 1 or 2. That might be good for not getting crowded out.

Today was lift day. Two weeks before I increase weight and reduce sets. Celebrated my blood sugar with some bacon and eggs.

Checked my blood pressure and it was 121/76 with a heart rate of 72. This is on the first day without the hydrochlorothiazide. So I won't take it tomorrow and see what it is before my afternoon doctor's appointment. Weight was 174, same as Saturday which isn't bad considering the extra eating on Saturday.

I'm going to keep going and hope to sort out what actually works for me and my body!

Thank you for your comments! I'm @magonista66 on Twitter. My posts there are different than here.
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