Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Becoming Public

My fasting glucose this morning was 94, weight was 169.0, blood pressure was 119/77 and 73 pulse. I didn't measure my waist and I just finished breaking my fast with a turkey salad so it is probably not the best time to measure. I'll measure tomorrow.

This morning I did a presentation at a high school about diabetes and included neighborhood and large social factors that feed into it. It was good to start talking about it a little more publicly. There were people there that knew me from college and it was nice to hear them tell me that they were reading my December posts on going to the gym. When people tell me "you look good" now that I've lost weight I wonder if I looked like crap before! (Just kidding)

So a few people said that they were inspired to workout or focus on something about their health from my FB posts. I'm glad that some of the writing is helpful. I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow night to decide if I might fast on Friday.

Maybe the best thing today was a friend telling me sorry about the diabetes. She then went on to tell me about her mother having diabetes. I talked with her a little bit about me dealing with this without medications and that I would share what little I've learned. So I'm trying to figure out what I can share with people comfortably.

I will also learn what I can about fasting and inflammation. Maybe there is something there for my arthritis and stenosis.

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