Sunday, January 08, 2017


Numbers yesterday were 107 for fasting glucose, 171.2 for weight, 128/78 84 for blood pressure, and 41 3/4 for waist. The fasting glucose this morning was 111. The fact that my glucose and blood pressure are creeping up is interesting. This may be genetic or may be what is called dawn phenomenon.

I think I'll 24 hour fast Monday and Wednesday this week and see how that goes. If my blood pressure creeps up any more I'll likely go back on the hydrochlorothiazide at half dose for a while longer.

I forget where I read it, it was at least 7 years ago, about a 36 hour fast once a week helping to keep the vitals in control and drop some weight too. I'll have to look for that article.
Nice! There have been a few places where I have read that a 6:1 being as good as a 5:2. I'll be posting more on fasting as things go forward.
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