Tuesday, January 03, 2017

1/3/17 Numbers update

I think I'm going to add waist and VO2 max to my picture updates. I'm trying to decide how often to take and post. So today my waist is 42 inches at belly button, VO2 max was 33.6, slightly better than initial test of 32.6. Goal is to improve. 41 would be amazing.

Weight was 173.4, and blood pressure was 119/70 75 on second day without hydrochlorothiazide. My fasting sugar this morning was 105 mg/dL.

Completed my HIIT this morning and I increased the resistance on the sprint portion one more notch. The machine has 1-20 and I'm up to 3 on the sprints now.

I'll see how the conversation goes with my doctor this afternoon. I've been talking with my immediate family about cutting my hours of eating, or "eating window." It's been great having very little soda in the house. I'm not drinking any, and my son has reduced his use some. I think it is helping.

Off to the doctor's office.

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