Monday, November 19, 2012


Things seem to be going OK with the workouts. My daughter and I both report that with three relatively short workouts weekly we have both lost our "sugar crashes." 

This is a big deal and feels like it confirms the improved insulin processing described in the literature for "High Intensity Training."

I've been walking more and think that's also helping out. 

At work I'm thinking a lot about how to build on the assets of my community. It is interesting what people expect in regards to "cleaning up a neighborhood." Unfortunately many people still focus on blaming people and ignore the structures which cause problems. It seems that the structures that benefit us at the expense of those "less fortunate" can't be questioned. 

One example recently is the deciding not to put services where people need them. Thanks to Carolyn for writing this opinion piece on UNM axing plans for services.

As they say - You can't have the underprivileged without someone being over-privileged!


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