Friday, July 06, 2012

July 6, 2012

Went to the chiropractor yesterday and had an adjustment. Was advised against lifting today. So I complied and went for a walk. It was painful at first. Stretched a couple of times during the walk.

Then came home and went out for a quick walk to the store and it was easier. So, my strategy now is to do a pre-walk and then the real walk. We'll see if that works. I'm going to get a massage tomorrow so I have to ask my massage therapist if she thinks it makes sense to lift before going to see her.


It’s nice to hear about your progress. :) However, if you suddenly come up with an idea which you think might help, always consult your chiro first. They know better and they are more experienced when it comes to this pain-free lifestyle. If you’re confused with something, you have an equal right to decline if you believe it’ll put you in more danger. I don’t think your chiro would want that to happen though. ;)
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