Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Grad School Nerdiness

I have two projects left in program planning and evaluation. A letter of intent and an RFP response. Here are the topics I proposed to my prof.

1 - Political Economy Intervention.
*This would be based on my PRECEDE-PROCEED answer for the mid-term. Essentially that of looking at how to increase health by increasing the strength of the welfare state through electoral change.

2 - Attitude Change Intervention 1.
*Look at increasing positive attitudes toward comprehensive sex education by county staff and interns with APS parents.

3 - Health Equity Awareness and Attitude Change.
*Look at increasing awareness and positive attitude change toward the concept of health equity in Bernalillo County with priority populations being county officials and FaceBook users.

4 - Poverty Elimination Intervention.
*Increase awareness of Poverty and Income Inequity as a Public Health issue in Bernalillo County. Priority population are FaceBook users.


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