Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I have been walking more lately. Pain is getting better. Going to start lifting again. Because of the hectic nature of my house it won't be as routine and prescribed as before. Just enough to really keep moving.

School have been going good. Looks like I will be able to graduate on time. I just need to decide if I want to design an independent study or take a straightforward class. I'll post that.

In reflecting on lots of stuff it is always interesting how during this period of movement building that lots of middle-class folks are wondering why EVERYONE isn't behind them. Of course if you bring this up they whine about divisiveness. Having conversations aren't divisive. Ignoring issues that are important are. One example is the idea of "Who Gets To Vote?"

Of course the good cheap response is to blame people targeted for the issues they deal with. Its a nice easy out. You see it in the news where poor people are blamed for their problems and in the same news cast you'll see stories trying to make you sympathetic for people losing in the stock market.

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