Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm still sticking to the routine. I'm happily surprised. I'm currently finishing up a summer class on Adulthood and Aging. It is making me contemplate all aspects of my life. Some of that is good, and of course some of it is difficult.

It is making look at my time more than anything else. I will be re-evaluating my time and how busy I stay on which projects over the next couple of months. Lifting and Lefting will stay!

So I can tell that I'm going to be sore from the incline bench press. I'm starting to get to weights where I can't do sets of 20 so I am starting to stay on the same weight for two or more weeks. That's actually exciting. This week is 80 lbs for main lifts and all others started at 2.5 or 5 and have been slowly increasing. I'm sure I'll be celebrating on the blog when I get to 100 lbs for main lifts! Either that, or sore!


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