Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Had a massage yesterday. Felt better. A lot of focus on the areas that are tight and twisted up. I could stand a long time. Hope I'm still doing well for awhile.

On the musical side I was very tired but tried some drills anyway. Wasn't pretty, will try again today before rehearsal.

What I did get out of it was an idea of how I would teach scales to a new student. I would teach C major one week, all white notes. Then the second week teach A natural minor, again all white notes. Then the third week teach the D minor Dorian mode - all white notes. Then the fourth week teach the G Mixolydian scale, you got it, all white notes.

If the student is interested in blues I would continue with the C major pentatonic and A minor pentatonic. Follow that with the A Blues scale. Then for the 8th week give them a CD with a rhythm section playing a background appropriate for the scales and exercises given.

Of course scales exercises aren't that much fun, so a song for each scale would also need to be given. And encouragement to make up melodies and experiment with random notes.



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