Monday, December 20, 2010


Well it is almost Christmas. Thanks to my daughter for not letting me back down. I ended up purchasing a bed. I actually went to Goodwill and looked at a $200 mattress set. That would normally be OK. But with my back problems she pushed me to think about my health and to get a "good" bed. So I did. First time buying a bed based on quality. Last Christmas was my first new TV, and now my first new bed.

Catching a cold. Gonna try and get some sleep.

Had a meeting at work with two of my supervisors. It was interesting. Work is interesting. I'm seeing more things the longer I'm there - which is usual. Just stuff I was hoping wasn't going on.

Also went to a meeting regarding the NM EXPO. Great to hear the community coming out for participation, health, and careers!

Well, hope to get some walking in tomorrow.



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