Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Went to rehearsal only to find out there was no rehearsal. Left a message at my work, even though I'm hardly ever there. Oh well. I came home and worked on "Cuando te Conoci" by Esteban Jordan. I worked on the lyrics last week. Worked on the solo this week, and basic chord structure. It seems like the intro modulates between G and C, and then the verse is in F, and the coro in G! I'll have to keep working on it and get all of that figured out. I'm hoping I get some help on it.

Also reviewed "En Este Cabaret." Seems much more straight forward with interesting breaks and accents. I'll be going over these types of songs as much as work, familia and grad school allow. And either try to play the actual songs, or incorporate parts into standard rancheras.

One more week until election day. KEEP LEFTING!!!

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